Salsa in September

The last tomatoes of the season are hanging on the vine in my container garden. I have to admit it has been a little bit of a disappointing gardening year. I’ve had lots and lots of container gardening fails. Some from my over-exhuberance planting (ahem…over-crowding) and some from crappy, cold weather. But there are always … [Read more…]

Coming Home

Peace Flag House has been quietly rolling along this summer with the support of my brother, James. Our downstairs neighbours have moved on (good luck Caitlin and Olivia!), my cousin came and went as his housing needs shifted, our new downstairs neighbour has moved in (welcome Reagan!), and our roommate Erica has departed for law … [Read more…]

Urban Farming For All My Relations

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of my gardening mentors, Sheila Clarke, in Stratford, Ontario. Our gardening friendship is the product of Black Walnut Trees (Juglans nigra). Beautiful, hard wood specimens that provide wonderful shade and are also allelopathic. Black Walnuts produce juglone, a substance released  into the soil through its … [Read more…]