Remembering Self-Care: An Interview with Ian Elliott - Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Instructor & Awesome Humyn

Pascal and I just finished our Spring teaching at Ryerson. In April we quickly wrap up the winter semester and plunge directly into facilitating “intensive courses” – a whole semester condensed into one very long week.  This spring we taught 4 intensives in 5 weeks.  We absolutely love this format, but by the fourth Friday … [Read more…]

Dreaming on Fridays

We just returned from a brief visit to Grey County. These memories will help me dream my way through the last legs of urban winter. Looking towards Beaver Valley. Frozen Eugenia Falls. Sunset from the shore. Space to breath. Pascal and Relish.

Nice is Nice

“Nice is nice,” was Sue’s signature phrase. As a teenager I would groan a little and roll my eyes. I did not want to be nice, nor did I feel particularly nice. But because I respected her, I would smile and through my gritted teeth I would try to speak nicely. Last month Pascal and … [Read more…]