Le Thrumbed Cup Cosy

When my coffee steams as I step outside with Relish for his morning walk, I know it’s cozy-making season.

This fall I wanted a quick little project that would accomplish two goals: 1/ protect my hands from early morning, cold stainless steel travel mugs during the in-between season of mitts/no mitts and 2/ provide an easy, introductory thrumb project for my new knitting circle at Sistering’s Spun Studio.

Viola! Le Thrumbed Cup Cozy.

This little beauty uses up some yarn and fiber stash and can be accomplished in an evening.

Yarn: What’s in your stash? I suggest a heavier weight that can handle the added bulk of thrumbs.

Gauge: Depends on your chosen wool. Mine was 4 sts/inch.

Needles: To match your wool. I used 5.5 mm.
CO 14 sts (or enough for 3.5 inches).
K3 rows garter st.
R4 (RS) k2, (thrumb, k1)repeat 5x, k2.
R5 (WS) p all sts, being sure to purl into the back of each thrumbed st.
Repeat R4 and R5 until piece measures 4-5 inches.
K3 rows garter st.

BO. Sew seam.

Nearly instant gratification, no?
Have you made a cup cozy?
Send us your photos!