It's Nearly September. Time to invest in your sustainable fashion brand.

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It’s Nearly September.

Time to Invest in Your Sustainable Fashion Brand.


Are you ready to invest in your sustainable fashion brand?

My dear, after a beautiful summer are you ready, really ready, to invest in your sustainable fashion brand?

I hope your summer was full of impromptu weekends away, long dinners outside, and fabulous days at the beach. I hope you packed decadent picnics and enjoyed many an apero after work.

And now that it’s practically September, it’s time to answer this very important question.

Your answer may be an easy yes or an uneasy maybe. Regardless, answering this question is essential.


Where am I going with this whole brand thing?

I admit that I often get caught up in the weeds of our work at PFH. I find myself running hard on the treadmill of production and day to day problem-solving. This is the work that must be done immediately! This is the most important client work! Without running on the treadmill, the wheels fall off my business.

But holy smokes do I feel a whole lot more confident when I know why I’m in this handbasket and where it’s heading.

Too many backwoods metaphors? Sorry, my country bumpkin is showing.

Here’s what I mean: investing in your sustainable fashion brand means taking time to envision the future and do high-level planning because it’s just as important as the day-to-day operations.

Yes, yes, you say, it’s important for planning and strategy.

Yes, it is. But the real reason why it’s important may surprise you.

Strategy-wise, looking at the horizon and imagining what might happen next is how you create a ‘next’ that you like. With a clear destination on your horizon, you know where you’re going and can plan today effectively and thoughtfully. This is where tools like brand narratives, content calendars and communication plans come in handy.


But the benefits of envisioning the future of your business go way beyond tools.

The most important aspect of investing in a vision and doing high-level planning is what it says about your personal belief in your business.

Spending time envisioning the future of your sustainable fashion brand is a marker of investment. It says to you, and others (!), that you believe your business will exist in the future. And you’re willing to dedicated you money and time today to that future.

That is quite the statement of confidence.

The most important aspect of investing in a vision and doing high-level planning is what it says about your personal belief in your business.

Without that time spent on envisioning the future, you’ll roll into September with a vague sense that the holidays are coming and maybe you’ll do something marketing around them.

Doesn’t feel very commited does it?

Work on your brand, not just for it

September is the perfect time to work on your brand, and not just for it.

I recommend dedicating at least an hour a week (more is better!) to pure thinking time. (Extra points if you do your thinking in a bubble bath!) Look at the horizon of your business. Take note of what you see and where you want to go from here.

Here are 3 questions to get you started:

  1. Where are we helping people the most?

  2. Where could we get stronger?

  3. How can we take what we’re already doing well and let it evolve further?


Darling, it’s practically September and now is the perfect time to invest in your brand. Spend some time looking to the horizon and asking where you’re going and why. Most importantly, prove to yourself that your business has a future.

What’s on the horizon for your sustainable fashion brand this September? We all know that the world NEEDS women like you to build better, regenerative, life-giving businesses.

I’d love to hear your gorgeous ideas! Let’s meet in the comments below and have a chat.


Darling, have you tried my 3 unusual (unexpected and very helpful) tools?