Natural Fragrance + Dulceo from Curata

Dulceo Curata Peace Flag House

after years of fragrance-free…

We have finally entered a world of natural parfum.

I am that person who gets the headaches from perfumes. I know. Super annoying. Walking into the fragrance department meant shuffling past as quickly as possible. Scented home products? Nope. Anything that lists the mysterious “fragrance” in the ingredient list? Not for me.

And it makes me rather sad because I love fragrance. I love sweet smelling sheets and how fragrance links to our memories of people we have loved and lost. My grandmother used to wear a musk that was slightly overpowering and it still reminds me of her when I catch a whiff of musk in a crowded room. I love it when Pascal comes home in the evening and immediately announces how wonder dinner smells. A space should delight through all of our senses.

So living a no fragrance life is kind of an on-going sensual disappointment for me.

But things are looking up! I recently had the delight of meeting Serena Rogers, the delightful womyn behind the sustainable luxury body care line, Curata.

Curata is part of a small but growing world of fragrance (see Heretic and Maison Jacynthe) that uses only natural compounds to build their complex scents. Natural extracts from flowers, leaves, barks and resins are replacing synthetic fragrance compounds that often include endocrine disruptors like phthalates. Natural scents are known for their depth of character and ability to express themselves differently according to an individual’s body chemistry. For me it also means no headaches.

What I love about natural fragrances are their strong expression without that over-powering jab to the temple of conventional parfumes.

Curata has won my heart with its botanical parfum Dulceo. It’s deep, expressive and decadent (and a parfum should express our truest selves, non?). Move over simple lavenders and rose waters. Dulceo is for a gourmand like me. It's notes of sweet orange, chocolate (ahem, a personal food group) give way to layers of jasmine, cocoa and toffee. The scent transported me to candle lit dinners around our dining room table. It smells like how spending 4 hours luxuriating over dinner and delighting in conversation feels.

Needless to say, I’m excited to have fragrance back in my life.

You can find Curata’s Dulceo in the Clear Life marketplace.

Honest Bits & Disclosures: This post is not sponsored and is full of love. Curata is not a client of Peace Flag House.