How do I create my brand vision?

What is my brand’s look and feel? What is my brand’s voice? What are my brand colours? How do I craft a strong brand story?

So many questions and I have struggled with them all.

Thinking desperately about how to create my brand vision and paralyzed by doubt.

I was afraid that I’d make the wrong decision. Terrified that once my choices are made, they can never be changed.

And ultimately, not making any decisions.

Until I stumbled upon these 3 tools. No more thinking or filling another Pinterest board. I got out into the world and I had fun.

These 3 unusual tools for discovering your brand’s authentic vision are playful and super effective. I’ve used them with clients. I’ve used them myself. And everytime I use them, I discover something new and have grand time.

I hope you enjoy the process as much as I do!

Sarah Jean